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CBD Wine: Why I Traded In Wine For CBD Edibles

CBD Wine: Why I Traded In Wine for CBD Edibles

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CBD Wine: Though the use of CBD compounds and substances is paving a whole new niche and incentives for research, one of the biggest problems consumers of CBD products face is the most effective method to take CBD compounds. While those who favor intake through CBD edibles seem to have won out, it is still proving difficult for consumers like me to settle for one. I joined late in the mad craze for CBD compounds ( as a cure to some of my anxiety and insomnia), and couldn’t bring myself to explore other methods of CBD intake asides from ingesting it through my relaxing and stimulating wines. But, recent personal studies and personal factors have led me to believe that CBD wines might not be as infallible as I thought them to be.

What is CBD WINE?

It wasn’t uncommon in the early civilizations to infuse herbs into beverages and drinks like wines; with one of the popular being cannabis infused in wines. Now, Nano-emulsions are being blended with wine to derive a homogenous and palatable mixture. CBD wines are mostly de-alcoholized before they are mixed with Nano-emulsions of CBD.
Note: Generally, CBD wine is considered as a kind under CBD edibles.

CBD edibles are ingestible substances like (gums, beverages, chocolates, etc.) that are infused with CBD compounds. This makes the CBD compounds more palatable and easily ingestible by the body.

Why CBD edibles over CBD wines

Flexibility in consuming them
While edibles like CBD chocolates, CBD gummies or CBD tea can be “ON THE GO” options, the same cannot be said of CBD wines. Chocolates, for example, can be taken at any time of the day, devoid of any moral or civil obligations, while drinking a bottle of wine at some particular periods in the day would “raise eyebrows”.

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CBD edibles do not cause reactions in the body
Have you ever had a few bottles of wine before bed? only to feel ‘useless’ when you wake up in the morning? Having such experience is anything but convenient. And this is one reason why I prefer CBD tea or chocolates to wines. CBD edibles do not nauseate me nor cause me hangovers.

The problem with Alcohol and the health
A more popular reason is the fact scientists have reiterated the dangers of constant alcohol intake does to the body organs. Like the heart, the liver, and the kidneys. On the other hand, CBD edibles like chocolates and coffee stimulate the brain and make you mentally alert and active.

CBD edibles are amenable to sleeping patterns
Although, CBD wines are good sedatives, taking too much alcohol before sleeping will make you lethargic when you wake up. But with CBD tea or chocs, no matter my high consumption as a means of increasing CBD dose, I still feel as alert as ever.

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While CBD edibles might have obvious advantages over CBD wines. Alcoholic compounds in wine can serve to accentuate the many powers that CBD tends to offer. And this can be overbearing on the body. While I believe the choice between CBD edibles and wine is a personal one. It is important to note that having tried the two methods CBD edibles takes the nod for me.