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Ways To Consume CBD

Ways to Consume CBD

With a wide variety of CBD products available, it can be quite overwhelming to decide which way to consume CBD. Different consumption methods change how the CBD is absorbed as well as its onset and duration times.

Following are some of the most common ways to consume CBD:

CBD Drops

Consuming CBD oil via a dropper bottle is the most common CBD consumption method. To use CBD oil, all you need to do is place a few drops under your tongue and hold them there. With this method, the CBD will be directly absorbed into your bloodstream. On the other hand, if you swallow the CBD, it will go to your liver via the gastrointestinal system. This process takes a bit longer and it also decreases the amount of CBD absorbed. That’s why holding the drops under the tongue is recommended.


CBD Sprays or Capsules

CBD capsules or sprays are a recommended CBD consumption method for you if you don’t feel like holding the drops under your tongue. Nasal spray is a better method as it has the advantage of fast absorption. Some people prefer taking CBD capsules but it takes relatively longer for the effects to show. Administering CBD via nasal spray is becoming increasingly popular because it is highly effective for reducing allergies.

CBD Vape Pens

Inhaling CBD by vaping it is another method that is gaining a lot of popularity. The absorption of CBD into the bloodstream is faster via this method as it quickly goes through your lungs instead of digestion. However, the effects do not last as long as other methods. This method is not suitable for non-smokers.

CBD Balms or Salves

Using balm or salve is another common method. Rubbing the balm or lotion into your skin means it is absorbed into your small capillary blood vessels. This method is popular as it can quickly help with ache and pain in the affected area of your body. You should keep in mind that the topical use of CBD works on the upper layer of your cells and CBD does not enter your bloodstream. So, if you are trying to get CBD into your bloodstream, then this method is not for you.

cbd edibles

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are increasingly becoming popular among CBD lovers because of their ease of use and benefits. Edibles are basically foods and beverages that are infused with CBD. On the market, you can find CBD sweets, beer, cookies, gummies, chocolates, etc. The best thing about CBD edibles is that you can enjoy the treat and get all the benefits of CBD at the same time.

Which is the Best CBD Consumption Method?

There is no direct answer to this question because there is no right way to consume CBD. It all depends on your personal needs and preferences. There are a number of methods to consume CBD and each has its own unique advantages. In the end, the method you choose depends on your goal – why you want to consume CBD and what you expect to achieve by consuming it.