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Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility Moving Forward In Jersey City

Medical Marijuana Manufacturing Facility Moving Forward in Jersey City

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JC is getting its first-ever medical cannabis manufacturing facility after the plan to build the facility in Jersey City on Edward Hart Road was passed by the Redevelopment Agency. The plan to build the facility was approved last month on July 16th. It stated that the facility will be used to grow medical marijuana as well as sell it to patients who are qualified and have medical marijuana cards.

The plans to build the facility are moving forward in JC thanks to the efforts of Nuka Properties LLC – the company responsible for building the property. Nuka Properties LLC is not new to the cannabis world. The company is linked to 1906 edibles, one of the top Colorado-based edible marijuana companies in the country that is well-known for its chocolate edibles as well as other similar products.

According to the CEO of Nuka Properties LLC Peter Barsoom, the facility is being designed in a way that is highly transparent and will offer tours to regulators, doctors, patients, and others to help them learn what a marijuana manufacturing and cultivation facility is like that operates according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. They are very excited to enter the New Jersey market and said to have chosen JC for the facility because it’s the best place to operate in.

The Buzz Around the Upcoming Dispensary

According to Barsoom, the construction of the medical marijuana manufacturing facility is projected to start at some point in early 2020. However, the company has not acquired the license from the state yet. The company expects to get the license by December.

According to, the mayor of Jersey City Steve Fulop did not paint a positive picture. As he stated that it’s a long way before it is confirmed that the company will get a license. Fulop is an avid supporter of marijuana legalization. And marijuana companies but he is stressed that the NJ marijuana dispensary has a long way to go. At the moment, the potential future of the first-ever medical marijuana manufacturing facility is creating a bit of a buzz. But the mayor wants to remind everyone that only a private transference of property has happened so far. There are a lot of steps that will be taken before the concept of the new NJ marijuana dispensary transforms into a reality. The facility would create a number of local jobs.

Marijuana Legalization in New Jersey

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New Jersey is on the cusp of legalizing adult-use marijuana. In July, governor Murphy signed a bill to expand the medical marijuana program of New Jersey. The bill-signing comes 1.5 year after JC first proposed the legalization of marijuana-related offenses.

Governor Murphy has been a keen supporter of the marijuana legalization in NJ. New Jersey has added over 30,000 patients to its medical cannabis program since he took the office in January. The bill he signed in July is an effort to expand the medical cannabis program of the state. Adding a lot more medical marijuana companies to the list of providers, which currently, totals at six. The passing of recreational marijuana failed at the Statehouse in Trenton in March 2019. And Murphy’s signing of the bill seems to be a direct response to it.

Back in March, state senator Nicolas Scutari and state senate president Stephen Sweeney called off a vote to decriminalize recreational cannabis. They said that they will be back at this so anyone who thinks this is dead, are wrong. So, marijuana legalization is not ‘dead’ in New Jersey forever. It is something that will eventually come again. The issue of recreational cannabis legalization is expected to be decided in November 2020 in a ballot referendum.

The Jersey City Dispensary

nj marijuana dispensary

Anyway, back to the upcoming NJ marijuana dispensary in JC. Under the current plan of the dispensary. 5% revenue will be reinvested into the community and the other 5% will be allotted for research. The CEO’s plan also includes hiring individuals who were formerly convicted of various crimes related to cannabis convictions. Industry training for new personnel will also be offered by the facility.

And that’s not all. The CEO of Nuka Properties LLC also has his eye on what is going on with recreational cannabis in NJ. As a matter of fact, Barsoom maintains that once recreational marijuana is legalized in the state. The facility will open up its door to everyone. Not just people who have a medical marijuana card. Currently, the closest medical cannabis dispensary is situated in Secaucus.