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Best CBD Marketing Agencies

Best CBD Marketing Agencies

CBD Marketing

Cannabinoid is finally legal in more than 33 states of the United States, and more are expected to be legalizing CBD based products any time soon enough. CBD marketing agencies are on the rise now, so we have compiled a list of the best CBD marketing agencies that you should know about:


ZenPup is one of the strongest CBD marketing consultant agencies related to CBD as of 2020. They advertises that they can take any brand from an idea to a complete business that stays for a long period of time. Some of the services that ZenPup does offer include:

Paid acquisition – where they put paid ads on social media networks for your company.

SEO – Zenpup does complete SEO for all your content, and ensures that your company’s content lies on page 1 of Google and other search engines.

Email Marketing – Zenpup also offers email marketing as a part of their marketing campaign so that companies are able to look a little more official than average. Apparently, 25-35% of any brand’s revenue is driven by email marketing.

Influencer Marketing – The strongest type of marketing right now, ZenPup has links with influencers, which can then then used to generate a lot of revenue related to advertisement.

CBD Marketing


Elevated is also a really strong contender for our CBD marketing consultant agencies team. They use a team of highly talented individuals to provide SEO, CRO, strategic designing of the website, and even web development.
Their home page is extremely minimalistic, which is a good decision these days as minimalism is the future right now. Any expert eye can see that Elevated know what they are on about. And are willing to provide all services that they are boasting about.

CBD Marketing

Jesse Grillo

Jesse Grillo is a really good investment for most companies, because it does profit-based marketing. Their landing page is very simple, and to-the-point. It definitely gets the point across. Apparently, they are trying to ooze the fact that there is no B.S. involved in their marketing. Jesse Grillo is definitely a company that you should keep your eyes out for. They seem to have a great idea of how to do marketing the correct way.

CBD Marketing Pro

CBD marketing pro is a great marketing agency that is doing everything it can in the classic way possible. Sometimes the new modern techniques aren’t enough to increase your company’s online presence. CBD Marketing Pro seems to be confident in its olden ways. And provide a complete list of skills like digital marketing, advertising, social media, E-commerce SEO, local search marketing, and so on. Everything related to technology that is needed for a company to grow virtually is present in this firm’s firm hands.

There are many other CBD based marketing companies available on the internet too. A good idea is to do a quick Google search on “CBD marketing agency”. And the first few results that come up are the best ones yet. Because if a company can’t even beat SEO, how can they improve your marketing presence on the internet?